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  • About Engage Abilities

    A Community Services Organisation

    Engage Abilities is a specialist service registered with the NDIS.

About Engage Abilities

A Community Services Organisation

Engage Abilities is a specialist service registered with the NDIS.

The Philosophy We Live By

Caring for Others

Engage Abilities is a highly respected and professional community services organisation. Established in 2017, we provide services under the NDIS and the Casework Support Scheme and Alternative Care Arrangements both under the NSW Department of Communities & Justice (DCJ). 

Engage Abilities have pioneered a Disability Consultative Committee to help our management team understand what it is like to have a disability. The committee meets four times a year and is made up of carers, service providers and people living with a disability. Their insightfulness and direction are what has made Engage Abilities the organisation it is today!

Our Staff

And Their Ability To Help You

At Engage Abilities, we prioritise our staff’s experience, training, and support, recognising that they are integral to the quality of our services. In addition to the mandatory modules & checks, all our staff undergo consistent training, including:

  • Monthly training, meetings and supervision

  • Bi-annual training days

  • Annual ‘Predict, Assess & Respond to

  • Challenging/Aggressive Behaviour (PART) training

  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding training

  • Mental Health Response training

  • Trauma-informed Care training

This focus on staff increases the quality of our services, communication, and job satisfaction of the Support Workers, ultimately providing our clients with the highest quality service.

To Spread Our ‘Culture of Caring’ Internationally

Engage Abilities has partnered with the charity Able Collective Australia, which is an international charity that supports people living with a disability. All of the profits from Engage Abilities goes to their international projects in developing countries for those people living with a disability.

It’s a great feeling seeing our ‘Culture of Caring’ spread throughout the world. So what are you waiting for? If you’re interested, get involved today!

Our Vision

All people feel connected to their community and are empowered to pursue what makes them happy, free from social exclusion, prejudice & discrimination

Our Mission

To provide support for our clients to live a life that makes them happy through engaging with their community and achieving their goals.

Our Values

All people feel connected to their community and are empowered to pursue what makes them happy, free from social exclusion, prejudice & discrimination


We are transparent & encourage accountability in all our dealings with clients, communities and other stakeholders.

Dignity & Direction

We see all people as having inherent value, rights and responsibility. We support clients to make their own decisions, treating them with respect and valuing them as equals.


We work alongside other stakeholders and providers to improve opportunities for our clients to engage their community & pursue their goals.

Quality Assurance

We will pursue best practice at all times and improve our system and service effectiveness in consultation with all stakeholders.

Engage Abilities is committed to upholding our

Charter of Client Rights

Engage Abilities welcomes your feedback where we may not have met this Charter.

  1. Treating you fairly, with dignity and respect, in all engagements and communication;
  2. Maintaining a safe environment that is free from harm, discrimination and judgment;
  3. Seeking your feedback about our services so we can ensure they meet your individual needs and abilities;
  4. Representing Engage Abilities in a professional manner through the way in which we dress, speak and maintain our personal hygiene;
  5. Assisting you to make informed decisions on matters that effect your life;
  6. Support you to reach your goals and follow your dreams;
  7. Work collaboratively with you, your family and your other service providers to ensure the services you receive meet your needs;
  8. Advocating on your behalf where you request us to;
  9. Respecting your privacy and confidentiality when collecting, using and managing your personal information;
  10. Providing you with accurate and up-to-date information about other service providers who may be able to assist you in reaching your goals;
  11. Ensuring you have FUN!

Engage Abilities Testimonials

Jo, A Disability Services Manager From Another Service Provider

As a member of the Engage Abilities Disability Consultative Committee, I was really encouraged to find a service that wants to be proactive in working with the disability community.

I am a representative from another Service and the Committee has allowed me to collaborate and work together with Engage Abilities to provide better services. The policies they comply with are industry best practice, which means there is a high standard for participants

Peter, A Member with a Sight Impairment

As a person who is sight impaired I have an NDIS package, but never thought I’d have the opportunity to actually contribute to a service provider.

I have now been a member of the Disability Consultative Committee for 6 months now and through that time I’ve been able to provide feedback for the flyers and for the website…. It is really empowering to then get a copy of the flyer and know that I contributed to it and that my feedback and comments were appreciated.

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