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  • Casework Support Scheme

    Fee For Service Support

    Working with the DCJ, we provide additional support services.

Casework Support Scheme

Fee For Service Support

Working with the DCJ, we provide additional support services.

What is the Casework Support Scheme (CSS)?

Beyond What is Provided

Engage Abilities is a registered service provider under the NSW Department of Justice Casework Support Scheme (CSS). In addition to this, Engage Abilities is also authorised to provide Alternative Care Arrangements.

Engage Abilities can provide Overnight Care as we are listed on the Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG) Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC) Register.

What We Do

Support placement stability and enrich the development of social networks and children’s wellbeing

Facilitate the establishment and development and connections through contact with significant others

Increase practical and social skills of children by nurturing their cultural background and connections

Our Staff

Our Commitment to Them and You

At Engage Abilities, we prioritise our staff’s experience, training, and support, recognising that they are integral to the quality of our services. Our staff undergo consistent training, including monthly training, meetings and supervision, bi-annual training days, annual ‘Predict, Assess & Respond to Challenging/Aggressive Behaviour’ training, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training, and Child Protection and Safeguarding training.

We also provide additional training in mental health response and trauma-informed care. This focus on staff increases the quality of our services, communication, and job satisfaction of the Support Workers, ultimately providing our clients with the highest quality service.

Support Services Available Under CSS

Engage Abilities provide services that facilitate connections and relationships through contact and respite and assistance through provision of mentoring and transportation services. Our Support Services under CSS include Supervised Contact, Supervised Transport, Mentoring and Respite, and play an important role in maintaining children and young people’s contact with family by creating a foundation for restoration and in meeting the broader needs of children and young people.


Engage Abilities offers mentoring services for young people with trained support workers. Mentoring sessions are scheduled for a designated number of sessions or weeks, and may include in home supports or facilitating the session outside of the home. Goals and skill development outcomes are identified, and the Engage team work on breaking those goals into smaller achievable outcomes with the input and opinion of the young person. A mentoring schedule is then developed and implemented into the support sessions. The support worker provides reports on progress and outcomes as directed by DCJ.

Supervised Transport

Engage Abilities provides Supervised Transport service with trained worker, vehicle, and child seats for safe transportation and supervision of children and young people to appointments, camps, and placement changes. The transport worker liaises with the caseworker and ensures safe transportation in the manner directed by DCJ.

Supervised Contact

Engage Abilities offers supervised contact services with qualified workers to facilitate safe and positive contact visits between young people and their family. The frequency, duration, and location of visits are identified in the young person’s case plan. Our support workers foster and support family connection and positive relationships, and strive to support all persons present at the visit to ensure that family contact visits are enjoyable and meaningful for all. We ensure the young person’s safety is priority and we manage challenges if they present. A detailed report will be provided as directed by DCJ.

Daytime Respite

Engage Abilities offers Daytime Respite as a service to provide planned breaks for carers and children/young people between 6:00 am – 11:00 pm. This helps maintain placements and gives carers support. The DCJ caseworker identifies the need and requirements in the child/young person’s case plan. The respite worker supervises and supports the child/young person, facilitates activities, and provides feedback to DCJ.

Overnight Respite

Engage Abilities provides Overnight Respite for children/young people between 11 pm and 6 am, sustaining a placement as a designated agency on the Specialised Substitute Residential Care (SSRC) Register. Used as an extension of daytime respite, or with supervised contact, the caseworker identifies the need and specific requirements. The overnight respite worker supervises and ensures safety, providing feedback and reports to the DCJ.

Alternative Care Arrangements

Safe Accommodation & Care

Engage Abilities offers individually tailored, empathetic Alternative Care Arrangements (ACA) for young people in need. They prioritise relationships and connections and provide a safe and secure environment. Their ACA model is based on therapeutically informed care and tailored support to meet each young person’s unique needs. Our team implement routine, skill building, education support, leisure and activities, and continue to foster connection to family and communities where possible. We incorporate individualised needs through goal focussed supports, visual aids/visual routines, behaviour supports and response plans.

We focus on meeting the required outcomes to foster a successful reunification or a long term foster placement. Our management team advocate for the young person by attending and participating in case plan meetings and case plan reviews.

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